Suggested Plugins

A few plugins that we have found useful and recommend to our users


Sucuri Security РVarious tools for hardening your website against malware, hackers, and inappropriate use

Easy Updates Manager – Enable, automate, & manage WordPress upgrades

WP Security Audit Log – Keeps audit logs of who logs in and what they do

Speed & Responsiveness

WP Super Cache – Greatly increases the speed at which your website runs by caching a pre-generated copy and only rebuilding it when necessary. (ie something is changed)

JS & CSS Script Optimizer РSpeeds up Javascript and CSS files by combining, compressing, and relocating them to non-blocking locations in your webpage.  Can greatly speed up perceived page load time

Content Management

Quick Page Post Redirect – Provides powerful redirects for both existing pages (maybe you need to change the Permalink) and raw URL-to-URL translations

OSU Integration

Shibboleth РOSU-branded login for your users.  Full setup instructions for OSU accounts available here

OPIC – Causes WordPress to use OSU’s internal avatar system OPIC for profile avatars rather than Gravatar. (Note: This one isn’t available from WordPress via the standard install method and needs to be downloaded and installed manually).

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