Kerberos in Web Hosting

The legacy (pre-Shibboleth) method for logging into a website with your name.# account is to use Kerberos.  Web Hosting still supports this method by special request but only over encrypted connections to protect the users’ credentials.  We strongly suggest that you use Shibboleth instead.

You can protect a website with Kerberos by creating an .htaccess file containing the following:

   AuthType Kerberos
   Require valid-user

Any OSU user with a valid name.# account can now log in.  You can restrict the site to certain accounts if desired by replacing the “Require valid-user” line with something like the following:

   Require user user.123@BCD.IT.OSU.EDU
   Require user student.45@BCD.IT.OSU.EDU
   Require user somebodyelse.314@BCD.IT.OSU.EDU

Now access will only be granted to these specific accounts.  The suffix must be all caps or it won’t work.

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