OCIO Web Hosting includes fast and robust managed database services for use with your website.  Features include:

  • High-speed hardware and optimal tuning for large scale applications
  • Disaster recovery (DR) via full nightly backups
  • High-availability (HA) via redundant servers with full bidirectional replication
  • Latest stable software versions with many optional features enabled

All of this is handled transparently in the background so that you only need to connect to it as you would a simple, single-server configuration.

Connection Info

Type: MySQL
Port: 3306

The database name, user, and password will have been provided to you by 8help when they created them.  Contact 8help if you have lost or forgetten your credentials.  Please note however that database logins are one-way encrypted (hashed) and existing values cannot be retrieved – only reset to new ones.

Logical Backups

Logical backups refer to backups needed for changes such as upgrading your CMS.  The CMS’s commonly recommend that you backup your database prior to initiating your upgrade.  This can be accomplished via:

  1. ssh to the server ( and run the mysqldump from the command line.  This makes it convenient to leave a server-side backup for instance to your /usr/local/webs/<your-site>/tmp/ directory.
  2. use SQL workbench to connect directly to the database ( from your workstation to create a “local”/workstation backup
  3. go to and leverage phpMyAdmin to backup the database

For larger databases, option 1 is recommended.

NOTE:  Option 1 and 2 require that you connect from the OSU network or VPN to the OSU network.  Anyone with a name.n may do this.  (See: )


The database servers support encrypted connections.  The CA bundle they use can be downloaded from here.

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